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Quality Is Our Priority

At Olympus Farmers International, our name embodies our unwavering commitment to producing premium, internationally acclaimed products. We take great pride in delivering only the finest quality kiwi fruit to our customers worldwide.

Our team of expert kiwi specialists meticulously handpick the fruits from top-tier farms, ensuring unparalleled excellence.


These carefully selected fruits are then carefully stored and packed within state-of-the-art, cutting-edge pack houses. Rest assured, we spare no effort in ensuring that every fruit we export maintains the highest standards of quality.


We specialise in exporting premium-grade fresh kiwi worldwide. Collaborating with the most exceptional fruit growers, we strive to deliver superior fruit and exceptional service to our valued customers.

Having amassed over 80 years of expertise in the fresh produce industry, our company has evolved into a devoted organisation driven by the goal of satisfying the demand for top-quality fruits. Our team of seasoned professionals plays a crucial role in fostering business expansion and progress.

Fuelled by our unwavering dedication to "Quality-Fruits," we have ventured across borders, allowing us to proudly export the finest Greece Kiwi fruits to customers globally.



We are dedicated to providing our customers with premium quality fruit. Our farms our  carefully selected to ensure the highest standards of quality. With a team of experienced professionals, including high-level agronomists, we have been able to choose the best farms to partner with, always keeping strict protocols in mind

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Precise packaging and skilful handling of kiwi is important in  international trade. Our strategy is unwaveringly aligned with the highest benchmarks & protocols, integrating advanced technology to ensure that our customers receive the finest quality fruit. We selectively choose premium pack houses with cutting-edge facilities, including precisely controlled atmospheric chambers and best sorting and grading technology.

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Our commitment ensures that every exported fruit complies with the highest quality standards. Upheld by a specialized team of professionals, their exclusive responsibility is to ensure that the fruit meets our stringent quality criteria before being sent to our customers. Our brand, Olympus, is renowned for delivering the finest quality fruits, meticulously packed according to the specified protocols of each country.


Our Global Offices 

We possess a worldwide footprint with the a 100% owned sourcing and exporting companies. These companies exclusively source fresh produce directly from farmers, ensuring the quality aligns with each specific market. Moreover, these enterprises have the capability to cater to their customers consistently throughout all 12 months of the year.

Global Offices


 Our Chilean arm which a leading exporter of fresh kiwi, apples, and pears from Chile.

Working with the finest fruit growers in Chile to provide our customers with top-quality produce and excellent service.



Our branch in South Africa specialises in exporting fresh citrus fruits, apples, and pears from the region. We collaborate with the most skilled fruit cultivators in RSA to ensure our clients receive superior-quality harvests along with exceptional service.


Join the Team

Join the Team
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